Tea is a beverage that is made from cured tea leaves by various methods. Tea is cultivated mostly in China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey and some African countries. Tea can be subdivided into several kinds according to the level of oxidation:

  • Green Tea (unoxidized or barely oxidized)
  • Black Tea (fully oxidized)
  • White Tea (produced from tips or buds and young leaves and went through minimal number of processing methods)
  • Yellow Tea (oxidized 3-12%, almost like Green Tea)
  • Oolong (oxidized 30-70%)
  • Pu-erh (produced from buds and large leaves of old trees)

Also, tea can be distinguished according to quality, depending on what part of tea plant it has been produced from:

High Quality Teas:
Tippy T (tea tips)
Pekoe P (tips and young leaves)
Orange O (whole wiry leaves)
Orange Pekoe OP (mixture of Orange and Pekoe)
Average Quality Teas:
Broken Pekoe BP
Broken Orange Pekoe BOP
Low Quality Teas:
Granulated teas CTC, dust teas, and tea bags.

The company Valordanto supplies mainly high quality teas of different sorts and with various natural blends (jasmine, mint, orange, etc.) and herbal teas, all of which have a great effect on a person’s health.