natural spices in the whole and ground to different fractions forms

Spices are substances intended to improve flavour and aroma qualities of food products and already-made food. Classical Spices came to us from the ancient world and became popular all over the globe. Originally, they were used as effective medical supplements. From the time people started to use spices as food flavour ingredients, they realized that spices can not only improve health, but also bring joy in food tasting. The original taste of spices is bitter and hot, but adding a pinch of them into food brings out a new flavour and delightful aroma. Spices play a significant role in natural conservation of food products.

Company Valordanto trades a wide selection of natural spices in the whole and ground to different fractions forms. Also, Valordanto produces its own brand spice mixtures for food industry enterprises and spice mixtures according to client’s specifications.