Cardboard packaging

cardboard with or without a print, in all sizes and configurations

Cardboard boxes are a type of packaging made out of cardboard that is mainly used for consumer products and transportation purposes. Cardboard boxes have become an important part of every industry and agriculture sector, and warehousing and transportation services.

Our company provides cardboard packaging made out of 3- or 5-layered gofro-cardboard designed for safe shipment of food products, chemicals and other kinds of goods. According to the client’s requirements we supply different quality (paperboard, kraft and other) cardboard with or without a print, in all sizes and configurations. We can offer cardboard boxes of the following sizes:

  • T-21 – 800x250x190
  • T-21 – 555x370x170
  • T-22 – 800x270x160
  • T-22 – 320x285x115
  • T-23 – 325x245x275
  • T-23 – 300x205x170
  • 800x250x240
  • 780x380x280
  • 800x252x123
  • corner 35х35х1000 (2 mm)
  • corner 45х45х1000 (2 mm)

Tray 1

  • bottom540x380x110
  • top 547x391x111


  • bottom 596x396x110
  • top 592x388x110

Carton sheets 2400 mm x 1220mm x 3 mm

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