Plastic packaging

plastic buckets, plastic cans and plastic food containers

Plastic packaging – plastic buckets, plastic cans and plastic food containers are a big part of our company’s product range. All buckets are made from the finest European raw material (PP). Taking clients’ wishes and market demands into consideration, we offer buckets of every shape:

Coffee Bean


capacity 0,5L – 35L

Coffee Bean


capacity 1,5L – 18L

Coffee Bean


capacity 3L – 18L

Coffee Bean


capacity 3L – 17L

All buckets have seals, which guarantee no access to the contents from the period of filling at a customer’s place up to the moment of an end user’s consumption. Thus, all packaging is airtight and durable (holds up to all load standards, both static and dynamic) and conforms to EU regulations. Also available are buckets with a patented double lock that allow even tighter sealability.

Buckets are offered in the whole range of colors, enabling to choose a specific color for a bucket, lid and handle. In addition to colored buckets white and transparent buckets are available.

It is possible to make a print on buckets based on a client’s project and sample. Print can be made using dry offset (6 colors) and IML, which involves manufacturing a specific label and applying it to the bucket. Our specialists if requested will assist with every print project.

To view the photographs and specifications of finished products of our manufacturer you can visit following website.

We are always looking to expand our plastic packaging range.

You can see the new additions to the plastic packaging range in the news section.

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