The company Valordanto was founded in Tallinn, Estonia in 1998. The company operates in the business of wholesale of wide range of plastic and cardboard packaging, spices, tea and coffee. We have achieved impressive success over the last 10 years, and as proof of this, we received a “Successful Enterprise of Estonia” certificate of the category AA from credit rating companies Krediidiinfo and Experian in 2009.

Valordanto is one of the biggest Baltic suppliers of various packaging and spices for companies in Estonia, Latvia and Finland. We provide different types of universal packaging from Poland for food products and construction chemicals, we also supply high quality spices, tea and coffee from South-Eastern Asia, Latin America and Europe for producers and individual consumers. Valordanto OÜ is the single representative of the company Maadlex OÜ ( in the region of Poland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark.

Our company policy is reasonable price, wide variety of products and an individual approach to each client. We are ready to begin a fruitful cooperation with everyone who is interested in our products.